About Us

The Radiator Shed


After more than 15 years working with radiators, and over 30 in the home retail and sales sector, we made the decision to open up our own business to inform, and take questions from, everyone on the important facts to consider when purchasing radiators for your home directly.

Experience has shown us that customers don’t always get what they are sold when purchasing this type of product, and it's accessories, online.  With our combined decades of experience with radiators and home retail we can give you the confidence and knowledge you need, directly, to ensure you get the right product first time, every time.

What's more, we're a mobile business, so we can bring the samples and measuring tapes to you, with no obligation to buy!  We believe in doing things better, and in a way that is convenient and confidence building for you, not us.

We're modern.  We're mobile.  We're The Radiator Shed.