November Special Offer

November "Winter Ready" Promotion! Get an Italian-made 3 column, 600/600mm, Fitzrovia White with FREE chrome angled TRVs (thermostatic valves) and FREE delivery for just £298! RRP: £610. Warm your home this Winter with one of our best selling Italian-made radiators.  Just get in touch with our experts, place your order, and have it delivered FREE... Continue reading


Power Flushing

The Norstrom Proflush system is one of the best power-flushing machines on the market, sold on the Corgi Direct website and constantly recommended on the most recognized UK plumbing forums. The filtration unit has easy to remove magnets that not only reduce the chance of any debris re-entering the boiler which, may cause early failure,... Continue reading


The Radiator Shed Brochure

Welcome to edition 7 of our high quality downloadable brochure! A full product guide, price list and glossy photos to browse through at your convenience. If you'd like a printed copy, come down to see us at our showroom, or send us a request via our Contact Us page. Otherwise, just click the button below... Continue reading


Air Source Heat Pumps: Radiators

Many believe that heat pumps must be combined with underfloor heating because their temperature output doesn't match that of a gas boiler.  However, this is not the case. Not only can you use them to power radiators, in many domestic cases you can use your existing ones. While it's true that gas boilers can output... Continue reading


Air Source Heat Pumps: Cost

Compared with new gas or oil-fired boilers, air source heat pumps tend to be more expensive (sometimes overly so). Their price can vary between £6,000 and £18,000 depending on the type of pump and size of your property. It's not unreasonable to expect a cost of around £10,000, on average, for a new heat pump... Continue reading


Air Source Heat Pumps: What Are They?

A heat pump runs on electric and works, in principle, the opposite way to a fridge. It draws in warm outside air and passes it over a refrigerant liquid contained in a series of tubes. This then warms up and expands into gas, which is then compressed to increase the pressure, boosting the temperature of... Continue reading


Advice: Radiator Care – Part 2

Steam radiators need their air vents cleaned regularly. These are usually located halfway down one side of each radiator unit. If the air hole becomes blocked, it can compromise the efficiency of your heating system and, ultimately, have an effect on your energy bills. To clean them, simply use fine wire, paper clip or sewing... Continue reading


Advice: Radiator Care – Part 1

It is important to know, before you start, whether you have hot water or steam radiators. The easiest way is to look at the number of pipes coming out of them: if there's only a single pipe, then it's attached to a steam based system.  However, if there's two, it could be steam or hot... Continue reading


Advice: Radiator Covers Increase Energy Bills

In an interview about saving money on energy bills, Martin Lewis confirms what we've known for some time: radiator covers drastically increase your energy bills. You're not only blocking the convection flow, you're also paying to warm the cover before you warm the room.  This means it takes longer, keeps your heating on longer and... Continue reading


Choosing a Radiator: Materials

Steel Extremely durable High heat output and efficiency. Generally the most budget-friendly option. Will heat up and cool down quickly giving easy control Check out our range of steel radiators here: Steel. Cast Iron Industrial style Heats up more slowly, but retains it a lot longer Very heavy, so limits where they can be placed... Continue reading