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Calculated Your BTUs?

What does BTU mean?

The "British Thermal Unit" or BTU and is a unit of heat measurement defined, loosely, as the amount of heat/energy required to raise one pound of liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit.  We say loosely as this can be affected by the initial temperature of the water.

You will see BTU used to measure/gauge the amount of heat a radiator is capable of emitting into a room to increase the temperature. The higher the BTU, the higher amount of heat/energy it can 'radiate' to warm the room.

You can calculate the approximate BTU output needed for any room with a BTU Calculator by entering the dimensions of the room along with the type of windows/windowed doors within it.  Many calculators will attempt to increase their accuracy by asking for information on floors, ceilings, exterior wall materials, etc.  But, there's no guarantee that all of this extra data will greatly change the size of radiator you buy.