Choosing a Radiator: Valves

A question we're often asked is: do you need to have radiator valves? Valves allow you to control the temperature of each individual radiator and, therefore, your heating bill.  You can effectively turn rooms off when they're not in use, or have them a different settings depending on the needs of the people in each... Continue reading


Supporting Local: Whitley Bay FC

Helping to support local businesses and communities in the North East is extremely important to us and, thanks to an introduction from our partners at H2O Bathroom Design Co, we're now supporting Whitley Bay FC in a brand new sponsorship programme. You can see us on a board at pitch side, behind the "man of... Continue reading


Choosing a Radiator: Position

Where you install your radiator can make a noticeable difference, and there are many misconceptions about the effect the location can have. So, we've put together a "Do & Don't" list to help with your radiator choices and interior design decisions. Do place your radiator under a window There’s a common misconception about having radiators... Continue reading


Choosing a Radiator: Energy Efficiency

Electric radiators are considered the most energy efficient, with nearly all power being converted into heat. However, keep in mind that, when it comes to the energy bill, it’s how much you pay for the fuel that powers the heating that counts most. If electricity is more expensive than the equivalent amount of gas/oil, fuelling... Continue reading


Choosing a Radiator: Best Heating

While aluminium and cast iron radiators are universally considered the better materials, it's important to know how you want your heating to work: speed up to temperature or long lasting heat. For speed, you should aim for aluminium radiators.  This material is a superconductor and is amongst the most effective for warming an area quickly... Continue reading